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Xiaomi AirPurifier 2H Review [Xiaomify]

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It's the Xiaomi Air purifier 2H, is it an upgrade of the Air Purifier 2S, is it an adaptation of the 2S? Let's have a look and see what it's about!

I had not heard of this new model, that (for now?) seems to be exclusively released in Europe and apparently is available in Thailand as well. The air purifier 2H is a bit of a trimmed-down version of the Air Purifier 2S that has some resemblances of the Air Purifier 2, making it more of a budget-friendly version.

The Air purifier 2H has a PM2.5 particle sensor that should be the same as in the 2S-model, it also comes with a temperature and humidity sensor and connects to your router over WiFi. Through the Mi Home APP you can monitor the air quality, temperature and humidity as well as remotely control the air purifier and set its fan speed.

The air purifier has 3 fan-speed modes:
•Night mode is the most silent but filters less cubic meters of air per hour.
•The automatic-mode will determine the fan speed according to the air quality as measured by the PM2.5 particle sensor.
•The Manual-mode will allow you to set the fan speed through the APP.
These modes can be set from the top of the air purifier or through the APP.

The main difference between the 2H and the 2S is that the 2H does not have the OLED screen on the front of the device and it does not include the NFC for filter replacement. It also filters a bit less air per hour as opposed to the 2S, all making this 2H model slightly cheaper.

An improvement feature on this model is the actual filter which is now an H13 Hepa filter. This should filter slightly better, although you can also still use it with the other 3 types of filters that Xiaomi manufactures as well. These filters last for about 6 months before needing replacement.

So what do I think of the Air Purifier 2H? I think it's a more budget-friendly version of what was already a very good air filter. I would have loved to see the front-facing OLED display on the air purifier like on the 2S-model, but it's the lack of things like this what makes this one a bit cheaper. Overall I do like it and if you're in Europe looking for a slightly more affordable air purifier than you might consider this one!

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