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Why I Went From Linux Mint 18 to 19 ... And Back Again! Ft. The Desolation of OpenShot 2.4+

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Hi, Doctor Alex here.

This video is a one-off, stand alone video exploring the question: Why I Went From Linux Mint 18 to 19 ... And Back Again?

I may well release a near-identical version where the title focuses on OpenShot instead, just for ease of people searching.

It was an arduous journey, many a brave recording was lost upon the way.

There is one subtle shout-out to my good friend The Anti-Trekker in this vid ;)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Dr Alex

With thanks to Mindless Entertainment:
And her own fencing video with the very kind shout-out at: https://youtu.be/kGALR0rycW8
And thanks to the Anti-trekker for his support and encouragement:
And thanks also to Doomcock for his ongoing encouragement and support:

This video was recorded using a Shure Model PG48 mic plugged into a Lenovo T410 via an Edirol AudioCapture interface running Linux Mint 18.3.
Recording and processing of audio performed using Audacity v2.1.2.
Video editing performed using Openshot v1.4.3.
Intro and outro music performed on a Marlin Sidewinder Guitar plugged into a Marlin Reverb 50C guitar amplifier.

If you would like to support my work financially you can do so via PayPal and if you tell me if and how you want to be known I can give you a credit in the next video :)


If you feel the need you can support via Patreon, to also gain a credit in videos and other cool stuff ;)

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