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TP-Link Load Balance Broadband Router (TL-R480T+)

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https://amzn.to/3kh4zUX - TP-Link Load Balance Broadband Router (TL-R480T+)

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TP-Link Load Balance Broadband Router (TL-R480T+)

What an absolute gem. As soon as you hold it in your hands it screams premium with all metallic chassis and heavy weight. Setup is simple and intuitive.
You just need to select number of WAN ports youre gonna use, supply them with connection parameters and you are set.
You can use this in many ways, Load Balancer across multiple WAN connection where you can specify how much traffic should go out of one connection over another (you can specify the ratio), as a hot standby device where secondary WAN only kicks in if first one goes down or WAN...

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