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Router Circle Cutting Jig | DIY Router Circle Jig

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In this video I am building a router circle cutting jig.
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I decided to build a router circle cutting jig again. I already made one ( https://youtu.be/154y_s2qU8s ) but I found few things I was not happy about and wanted to make a better one. The biggest drawback was the fixed jig base to the router. While cutting a circle the router cable was turning around the router itself. The second drawback was the length of the jig taking too much space on the table and lastly the metric scale ruler was set from the bottom. This time I made the jig shorter and adjusted the router to the jig with bearings using a circular base allowing for the router to stay in positing while cutting. I taped the ruler from the top allowing for an easier setup. The router jig is now more compact and allows for a faster setup. It allows to cut circles from 2cm diameter up to 32cm.


I started out by cutting a slot in a plywood and MDF desk - together making a T slot for the slider. I trimmed a bit right next to the MDF desk as well for a self-adhesive metric ruler. I fixed the desks together using wood glue and screws. After that I measured the position of the bearings and drilled in holes accordingly. Installed nuts from the bottom and fixed the bearings using 6mm bolts. I made a slider from a piece of plywood. Drilled in holes for a pivoting pin, for a bolt to fix the slider and for a pin to read from the meter. Once the slider was installed I cut a testing 10cm diameter circle to accurately tape the ruler to the jig.

- Make the pivoting pin as close to the router bit as possible to be able to make small radius circles

00:20 Router circle jig demonstration
01:35 Building the router circle base
03:03 Making a Tslot for slider
04:43 Fixing router jig desks together
07:24 Mounting bearings to the jig
08:44 Building the slider
09:57 Assembling all parts together
12:07 Taping the scale ruler
13:31 Cutting a circle with a router

- Router - DeWALT D26203
- MDF desk 6mm, Plywood desk 6mm
- bearings, wing nut
- ⌀6mm bolts, ⌀6mm router bit, ⌀4mm brass pin, 2mm Alu bar
- Wood Glue, Epoxy Resin, Wood Screws, self adhesive metric scale ruler

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If you have any thoughts or questions, let me know in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am not a professional but I like making something new with my hands. Any suggestion or advice is highly appreciated.

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