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Remove White Corners When Firefox CSD is Enabled on Ubuntu Linux ft GNOME Desktop

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A quick tip to fix white window corners on Firefox CSD (no title bar) or in order to save vertical space and make the desktop more consistent.

Change GDM3 Background : https://youtu.be/gLaIcHO6aH8
Make Qt Apps Look Like GTK : https://youtu.be/RPULg5X5r6g
Enable Audacity Global Menu : https://youtu.be/nI733KGNXQQ

FYI, Client Side Decoration is a concept of allowing a graphical application to be responsible for drawing its own window decorations. It will disable the title bar. So in this case, all the options like minimize, maximize, and close buttons are available in the tab row.

I know, not everyone is a fan of CSD. But if you're using GNOME, this stuff is worth a try.

Anyway, hide the FireFox's title bar in Ubuntu is entirely optional. We have to enable it manually. It's quite easy tho. You just need to :
- Open Firefox
- Click the hamburger menu
- Choose customize
- Untick the Title bar

You can also tick the drag space to make the header bar taller.

Unfortunately, this action introduces an issue. There's obnoxious little white triangle at the corners of the window, which makes it look ugly.

But don't worry, fixing Firefox's pointy white window corners on Ubuntu is easy as follows :
- Open about:config on a new tab
- Click accept the risk to continue
- Type mozilla.widget.use-argb-visuals
- Check the "Boolean" is selected
- Hit the plus button to add the preference setting
- Restart Firefox to see the changes

These were all to makes the Firefox corners transparent.

Feel free to share your opinion about the client side decoration by dropping a comment down below or hit the thumb up button if you like what you see.

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