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Mini UPS For Router/Modem Installation & Explanations | Pocket-Fit Router UPS

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This video describes Install of Mini-UPS with Router and Modem. Explain and demo how we use DreamStateLogicTech Router/Modem/Small Device DC Mini UPS.
The UPS can order from https://www.amazon.in or https://www.dreamstatelogictech.com website.

Amazon purchase URL : https://www.amazon.in/DreamStateLogic-Technologies-Private-Limited-Pocket-Fit/dp/B084WS5CKW
Seller Website: https://www.dreamstatelogictech.com/products/pocket-fit-ups-for-routers-and-small-devices/199597000000112001

For Me, it cost: Rs.2000 /- from direct from seller.
I have 2 devices need Power from Mini UPS.
1. Modem (5V2A)
2. TP-Link Dual Band Router (9V1A)

This Pocket-Fit UPS , Gives you 3 specified output.
1. 12V (Most of the router works in 12V)
2. 15V (Some Device work on 15V)
3. 5V USB ( Can use as Power-bank as-well-as some Modem/Router/Small Device work on 5V)

If your device power rating out-of-the above voltage rating, you can use Step-Up (MT3608)or Step-Down (LM2596) Circuit.
The Whole set-up or Mini UPS can build my own with the little fundamental study. I am planning to build my own.
The cost will be Rs.500/- only.

Please reach me on comment if any doubts.

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