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Migrating From Heroku to AWS Lightsail - A Full Tutorial

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Like many of you, we here at Break Diving found the simplicity of hosting our dynamic site on Heroku appealing. It's free to start using, the interface is clean and user friendly, and we were happy there for a long time. However, like many of you also discovered, after a short period of time, Heroku starts to become very expensive, very quickly. So four months ago, we tasked one of our staff members Robert to fully investigate AWS Lightsail, which is similar to Heroku, but much more affordable, and... unfortunately, more complicated to use. But Robert figured it out for us, and in this video, Robert goes through it with Break Diving Found and Coding Projects Manager Monroe Mann. If you are feeling 'stuck' on Heroku, with no exit in sight, and you're scared of making the switch, and not even sure where to start, great news: you can start here. We hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have additional questions, please join the friendliest place on the internet at https://breakdiving.io We look forward to meeting you!

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