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Manjaro Cutefish Linux How To Install 2021

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Manjaro Cutefish | A New Community Edition

A little while ago I checked out a new Arch based distribution called CyberOS. Since then some core members of the team have moved on and are now working on CutefishOS. CutefishOS will be a new distribution featuring the Cutefish desktop and a suite of unified applications based on Ubuntu.

The popular Arch based distribution have adopted Cutefish to bring us a new community edition. It’s currently very early days for Cutefish and this community edition but for those who would like to take it for a spin you can download a development ISO here. Or if you’re running an Arch based system you can grab it from Pacman with sudo pacman -S cutefish.

Cutefish is a beautiful desktop environment built with Qt Quick. Straight away you’ll be reminded of macOS which is where I think a lot of the inspiration for this desktop was born from. You get a nice floating dock at the bottom to pin your applications and a panel at the top where you can get to a control centre like area with quick toggles for things like WiFi and Bluetooth.

The application launcher sits in your dock at the bottom and opens up a full screen spread of all of your applications with a search bar at the top. As this is a minimal development ISO of Manjaro you won’t find a whole host of applications installed out of the box but you will find things like a web browser and some of Cutefish’s applications. One of these is there file manager which has a very simple interface and follows the unified look of Cutefish.

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