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Linux powered Steam handheld, Linux apps on Chrome OS, and then end of GLIMPSE - Linux News May 2021

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This time, we have tons of new hardware running Linux out of the box, Valve rumored to launch a linux powered Nintendo Switch like device, the end of the GLIMPSE project, and plenty of other updates.

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10:49 Application News

Google has announced that their integration with Linux will deepen with the release of Chrome OS 90.

Someone received a DMCA notice after downloading an ISO of Ubuntu through bittorrent.

Google finally launched Fuschia, however that thing is supposed to be pronounced, its long announced open source operating system, that they have repeatedly billed as "not a replacement for Android". https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/05/google-launches-its-third-major-operating-system-fuchsia/

Have I been Pwned, the tool that lets you know if one of your online accounts are part of a data leak, is now open source.

Days Gone is now working on Linux through Proton Experimental. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition also now works using the latest release of Proton GE

It seems like Valve wants in on the craze around Nintendo Switch - like devices, and is working on something codenamed the SteamPal.

Tuxedo announced their new InfinityBook Pro 14, a rare beast in the Linux laptop world, as it comes with a 3K screen.

Entroware, a UK based Linux computer manufacturer, announced their Proteus laptop.

Slimbook has a new version of its Slimbook ONE, a super small form factor desktop that still packs a good amount of power.

Yet more JingPad A1 news, with a new video showing a hands-on with the tablet, which seems to have made strides in the software department.

OnePassword now has an official Linux app out and available, since it's out of Beta.

Inkscape got a new release, version 1.1, with a lot of new features to help users better take advantage of the power of this open source vector drawing app.

GLIMPSE, the fork of GIMP with a non connoted name, is on pause and won't receive further updates for now.

OnlyOffice, the open source office suite, has a new release out, version 6.3. It brings a long awaited dark theme, with a slightly revamped light theme as well, but you can keep using the previous look if you prefer.

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