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Install Windows 10 OS in MacBook | macOS Installation in MacBook | Gurgaon | Delhi Dwarka

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If you have a purchased the new MacBook Notebook recently then there will be the macOS installed by default. If you want to install windows 10 also then we have to do dual boot. Dual boot is process in which we can install the one more operating system instead of macOS e.g windows 7,8 or 10.
Suraj Computers provides the facility to install the original macOS + Windows 10 in your new or ols Macbook. In this video you can learn how to use this operation system. There is secret by which you can use whatever OS you want to use. Boot Camp is a tool by which you can install the windows 10 and other versions of windows very easily. Follow all the steps explained in video and install at yourself.

Suraj Computers provides this service at the client location also. You can call us or book the appointment with us and install free of the cost at your location.
Call Us: 8802029039

Press ALT + switch on the laptop so you can switch the operating system.

MackBook Pro Windows 10 + macOS Installation
MackBook Air Windows 10 + macOS Installation
iMac Pro Windows 10 + macOS Installation

Minimum configuration to install dual OS in MacBook –

MackBook introduced in 2015 or later
MackBook Introduced in 2012 or later

Call Us: 8802029039
Website: http://surajcomputers.com/apple-laptop-repair-service-center/

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