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TP-Link extender setup support presents how to connect your TP-Link Archer C6u Wi-Fi and set up internet connection via the web browser.

Archer C6 AC1200 - Initial configuration

Step 1:- Connect your computer to the Archer AC1200 using an ethernet cable.

Step 2:- Connect the port named Internet to a device with internet access.

Step 3:- Configure the following network address on your computer:

• IP -

Step 4:- Turn on the TP-LINK AC1200 and wait 1 minute.

Step 5:- Press the reset button located on the back of your equipment for 10 seconds.

Step 6:- On your desktop, open a DOS prompt and try to ping the default IP address of the TP-LINK equipment.

• IP:

Step 7:- On the login screen, enter the management password.

Step 8:- Select the correct timezone.

Step 9:- Select the best option for your internet connection.

Step 10:- In our example, we selected the Dynamic IP address.

Step 11:- Click on the Next button.

Step 12:- Enter a Wireless network name and the desired password.

Step 13:- On the summary screen, click on the Save button.

Step 14:- If you need to change the IP address of the device, access the Advanced tab on the top of the screen.

Step 15:- Access the NETWORK menu and select the LAN option.

Step 16:- Enter the desired network configuration and click on the Save button.

Step 17:- If you need to change the Wireless configuration, access the Advanced tab on the top of the screen.

Step 18:- Access the WIRELESS menu and select the WIRELESS SETTINGS option.

Step 19:- Enter the desired wireless configuration and click on the Save button.

Step 20:- This tutorial presented the initial IP configuration process of a TP-Link ARCHER C6 AC1200.

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