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How To Install And Play The Outer Worlds On Linux – Steam & GloriousEggRoll's Proton-GE Method

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This video covers how to install and run The Outer Worlds on Linux using GloriousEggRoll's Proton-GE build if you have purchased it through Steam. ​
My previous video for running this game on Linux if you have purchased it through the Epic Games Store.


This game does not work with the latest Proton build (5.13-1), so you need to use the latest GloriousEggRoll's Proton-GE build.


Download the latest build by clicking on the releases tab on the right hand side of the page, scroll down to the assets section, and download the Proton-GE tar.gz archive.

Once downloaded, extract this folder.

Next navigate to your Home directory, enable hidden files, and open the .steam folder, from there, click on the root symlink.

Within that directory, create a new folder called compatibilitytools.d and copy the Proton-GE folder into this folder.

Once done, restart and open up Steam.

Next, right click on the properties of the game, tick the Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool and select the Proton-GE build from the list.

Now when the game is launched, it will use the Proton-GE build instead of the default Proton one.

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