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How to Install and Play Age of Empires II HD Edition on Linux – Intro Movie Crash Fix ⁄ Steam Proton

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In this video I cover installing and playing Age of Empires II HD Edition on Linux using Steam Proton, and fixing the developer logo's crash.

Step 1 - Driver Installation

Install the latest drivers from your distributions repositories using your package manager using GUI tools or Terminal commands.


Step 2 – Install Steam and Enable Proton

Install Steam using your distribution's package manager either through a GUI software store using the Terminal.

For example, for Ubuntu based distributions, you can install Steam using the following command:

sudo apt install steam

Once installed, launch Steam and sign into your account.

Next enable Proton for your entire library by navigating to Steam / Settings / Advanced, tick the Enable Steam Play for all other titles, select the latest release of Proton, and restart Steam to apply.

Now you should be able to install the game as normal.

Step 3 – Fix Developer Logo’s Crash

At this point the game will successfully install, but if you try running it with a version of Proton released after 4.11 then the game will crash if you try to skip the developer’s logos.

The solution is to simply skip the developer’s logos altogether which you can do with a single launch option.

So, right click on the Game’s properties, type in NoStartUp in the LAUNCH OPTIONS field, and then close the window to apply.

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