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Welcome Guys,
In this Video I have shown " How to install Custom ROM in Realme C2" but this method can be used on any Realme Phone by just replacing the files and using Files for your Phone.
Just follow the steps in the video and at the end of the video you will have a Realme C2 with Bliss OS installed on it.
I have shown the easiest method of flashing the ROM, which you guys can follow easily.
There are some other methods and ROMs which I will be sharing with you in other Videos.
So Stay Tuned.....
Links :-
Bliss OS :- https://bit.ly/3ejnriQ

Gapps :- https://opengapps.org (platform = arm64, android = android 10, select your desired version.... I will suggest pico.)

Vbmeta :- https://bit.ly/3e6ZYBa

Minimal adb and FastBoot : https://bit.ly/2zzeByn

TWRP :- https://bit.ly/3embOrr

Stockboot :- https://bit.ly/2BrgDRC

Other files :- https://bit.ly/2V93yn7
All the tools and methods used in this video can be found in the Official realme c2 group on telegram
Make sure to check them out :- https://t.me/RealmeC2Official
Hope this video help you.
Please Like , share the Video and Subscribe to our Channel for more Exciting Videos.

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