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CNC Router Vacuum Table - Part 3 - Zoned Spoil Board

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Now that the vacuum table is cut and sealed, along with the vacuums being installed and plumbed in, it's time to install the spoil board. I am using 1 1/2" MDF that is cut in pieces, with the edges sealed, to help keep the vacuum in its own zone.
I know that this video isn't really exciting, but this really does play an important roll in the use of the machine. Without this spoil board, regardless of how thick it is, it protects the vacuum table from cut through damage.
I personally prefer the thicker spoil board, solely because I will have to replace it less often.
Depending on how messed up it gets, I can easily resurface this thing up to 10 times before having to replace the pieces.
When the surface is completely flat it also holds your material a little bit better, then when you have cuts in it.

I am now excited to start fitting out the shop with items that I can make on the CNC.

There will also be some other projects thrown in there from time to time, but they will all center around the CNC being used as the primary tool.

Thanks for watching!

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